The Southwest Institute of Chinese Martial Arts offers a Distance Learning Program for people who are unable to attend resident classes.

While it is always best to study in a resident environment, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is a rare art.  If quality instruction is unavailable where you live, you should consider the distance learning program.

How it Works

Our system is organized by six levels of achievement- gray sash through black sash.  Each level of achievement  is supported with a DVD that demonstrates and explains all of the
requirements for that level.   When you enroll in our distance learning program, you will receive a DVD by mail and handouts by email that demonstrate and explain all of the requirements for the first level- gray sash.

After thorough study and diligent practice with the DVD and written materials, you will submit a video to Master Scott showing the correct techniques as listed and described for the gray sash level.  Master Scott will critique your techniques and forms and correct any anomalies found.

The Distance Learning Program is self-paced.  The DVD is organized so that you can work through the warm-ups, exercises, techniques, and forms according to your schedule in the privacy of your home and watch the instruction as you practice as often as necessary.  There is a one-time fee for each level’s DVD ($50 plus $7.35 for priority mail).

When you are ready to test, you will submit a video of you demonstrating what you have learned.  The fee for the test review and critique is a one-time fee of $50.  If more than one video is required to complete a level, no additional fees will be charged.

When all the requirements have been met, a certificate and sash for that level will be awarded.

Note:  The preferred method of payment is PayPal.  Master Scott’s email address is registered with PayPal.


Contact Master Scott at sifu.wushu.kungfu@gmail.com, or call: 580-512-4071.