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tai chi class

Tai Chi Chuan (太 極 拳) means "supreme ultimate fist." Although originally conceived as a boxing style, we teach tai chi forms and exercises with a focus on

Tai Chi exercises place very little stress on the joints of the body. The movements are slow, controlled, and low-impact; they are based on the most beneficial portions of the Shaolin and Tai Chi systems. They exercise all parts of the body, stress proper breathing techniques, flow, and balance. The Shaolin exercises were originally taught to raise the concentration and stamina levels of the monks during their studies at the shaolin temple. The Yang style of Tai Chi Ch'uan is well known for its physical and mental health benefits and is the most practiced style of Tai Chi in the world today.

Because the class involves low-stress movements, the program is suitable for all ages. The class is perfect for those starting an exercise program for the first time, or for those needing a mainstream exercise program after rehabilitation. If you want to exercise but don't have the need or desire for high-impact aerobics or other physically demanding programs, then this class is for you.

The movements of the Chinese Exercise Class are practiced today throughout the world by the young and the very old for health and fitness benefits. They are easy to learn, they can be learned by anyone at any age, and they can be practiced for a lifetime.

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