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Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is a very rare art, so many people who wish to learn it cannot find schools in their cities that are able to teach the techniques. Others may want to learn but cannot commit to regimented time periods each week.

Personal instruction is the best way to train, but our methods and instructional videos allow students not living near one of our schools to progress from beginner to black sash at their own pace. Sifu David G. Scott clearly and concisely explains the proper warm-ups, techniques, forms, and theory. Sifu Scott also incorporates Wushu techniques and theory into the sessions to increase the students' speed and flexibility.

Each level of mastery is demonstrated on high-quality VHS tape by Sifu Scott and his students. In order for you to get a better feel for how the techniques will look when you do them, we have students of varying levels demonstrate the required techniques. The techniques for the grey sash requirements are demonstrated by beginner to intermediate students. The gold sash requirements are demonstrated by students at that level through intermediate. Intermediate through black sash students perform the green sash techniques, and so on. We don't want you to try to emulate a blue or black sash in the striking and kicking routines until you are ready. It can't be done, and trying will only cause frustration. You should strive to do your best within the limits of the sash level you are studying. We recommend that you take this course with a friend. It helps to have a workout buddy to practice techniqes on, spar with, and share ideas. It's also more economic because you can share the cost of the tapes; however, tests must be performed on an individual basis.

A workbook is included in the first two packs which details the required techniques and forms move-by-move. Everything a student needs to progress through the levels is provided in each pack, and Sifu Scott is available by email to answer any questions or to further explain techniques. Students must record themselves performing the requirements for each level and mail their video to Sifu Scott, who will then grade the students' performance, assess their skills, and provide feedback. Students that successfully complete a level of training receive a certificate which states their current ranked status.

Once students have mastered the requirements through Level 2, they must test in-person at one of the Southwest Institute of Martial Arts schools for a final assessment of their skills and attitude. This black sash test can be performed at the home school in Lawton, Oklahoma, or at one of the other schools in Austin, Texas, or Madera, California.

Remember, our program teaches all the techniques leading to your black sash, not just forms, as other programs do!

As an added feature, our instructors are regularly available to answer any questions on our Message Boards. Please visit the Distance Course section for training tips and advice, or to discuss your training with other Distance Students!

Students using the distance-learning courses may also want to join the Association of Chinese Martial Arts (A.C.M.A). See the ACMA page for more details.

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