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Can I do Kung Fu?

Of course. This question is asked by perspective students of all shapes and sizes. You can learn the concepts, theory, and techniques of any type of martial art. The only discriminator will be the level at which you can perform. An athletic teenager will probably do the jump-inside crescent-kick better than a nine-year-old or a fifty-five year-old. But anyone can understand the theory of the technique and perform to the best of their ability.

How long does it take to test for a sash?

It takes as long as it takes. In actuality, the length of time it takes for a student to be promoted is based on the individual's ability, discipline, and desire. This fact applies to all students, whether they train in person at our school or through the distance-learning courses. Students who train more often usually move ahead quicker. In general, students who come to class an average of twice a week and also practice some on their own will test for their first sash (Grey) after 8 to 10 weeks. Subsequent promotions usually take much longer.

Will I be able to teach when I reach the level of black sash?

Yes. Each test during your journey will ensure that you understand the proper theory and applications of each technique, as well as demonstrate your ability to perform them correctly. The second level blue sash test will demonstrate your ability to impart knowledge to another. The black sash test will always be undertaken in person. It is comprehensive, incorporating teaching as well as testing. Although rigorous, successful completion of the test will result in a practitioner qualified to carry on the traditions and pass on the art.

Isn't it better to attend a school in person?

You bet! That's the best way to learn, but not the only way, presuming that the instructor is qualified and it's the art you want to learn. In a classroom environment, you will always pick up additional knowledge by listening to others being taught, and you will improve with personal supervision. However, if the type of martial art you want to learn is not available in your area, our distance learning program, with the building block approach, is an excellent method of study.

How do I get started?

Just visit our Online Store and purchase the first (Grey Sash) instructional tape. PayPal is 100% secure. If you choose not to use a credit card, send a check or money order to the address provided on the site. We will ship your order priority mail when the check clears the bank processing. I have a sign on the door to our facility that says, The hardest part of learning this martial art is starting.

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