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We offer classes in the traditional Northern Shaolin (北少林) kung fu boxing style of Chang Chuan Men (長 拳 門), which translates as Long Fist School. In Korea, the art is sometimes referred to as Sip Pal Gi (variations include Ship Pal Gi, Sip Pal Ki, Sippal Gi, Ship Pal Gae), which can be translated as 18 Techniques.

Our curriculum includes a full range of striking techniques, joint locks (Chin Na), floor maneuvers, self-defense, and a wide array of ancient Chinese weapons.

Classes are appropriate for both men and women, of any physical condition, regardless of previous martial arts training.

In addition to practical self defense and fighting skills, our training offers the benefits of superior cardio conditioning, weight control, strength enhancement, flexibility, and self-discipline.

Unlike a lot of martial arts schools, we do not require long-term contracts or commitments.

For those unable to attend classes, we also offer distance-learning courses. For more information on these correspondence classes, please see the Distance Courses section.

A word of caution: If you are thinking of attending classes at any martial arts school, please observe and/or try a class or two before you sign up. There are many martial arts styles, and they all differ from one another in many ways. Each school stresses its own goals, attitudes, and capabilities, which may or may not match your own individual reasons for wanting to study martial arts. Carefully choose where and what you study. Even if there is a school located near you, it might not teach the style you are looking for or have the quality of instruction you should expect.

An old Chinese proverb states, "It is better to spend 3 years looking for a good teacher than to spend 10 years learning from a bad one."

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